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Home Sweet Home!

We have now been home for  2 1/2 weeks. It has been so wonderful to be back at home doing normal things and reconnecting with friends and family.  We love it here and our big adventure already feels like awhile ago!  It has taken all of this time to feel somewhat organized around here but life is good and we are happy to be in Winnipeg.

A few pictures from our first few weeks home:



Manitoba Marathon

My current facebook status:

So, Josh and I ran our first half-marathons today!!! Well, Josh ran the half-marathon…. in an amazing time of 1:28.26!!! His goal was 1:28 and he was right on target. He place 9th out of 144 in his age category and 44th place out of a total of 4,462 participants in the half-marathon. Way to go Josh!!!! After 4.5 miles I sadly started having issues with my IT band (I had this issue about 8 days ago while training)…. I thought I maybe could push through it and kept running until about 6.30miles. (I was still happy with my 6 mile time of 56 minutes even with some walking in the last mile). I saw Dave, Matt & Sam cheering on the sidelines and thought it was a good time then to catch a ride with them back to the stadium. A hard choice but I don’t think my leg would have held out past 7 or 8 miles. I was very excited however to get to the stadium just in time to see Josh run in!!! I think next year I will plan for the 10k instead. A fun morning!! And well done to my sister Colleen on her 10K!!! You are awesome. I also loved seeing Kara, Leanne and Jenna on the sidelines waiting for their leg in the relay!


Back home!

We have now been home for two nights and are so happy to be back at home.  My house feels crazy with luggage and laundry still everywhere and we also have a backyard project that started a few weeks ago. We have loved meeting up with friends and we are so happy to be here.  Life is good! My sister Colleen snapped a few pics as we arrived at the airport.


Goodbye Sydney…. hello Winnipeg! (and a few new photos under gallery #7)

Our amazing adventure has almost come to an end…. we feel so blessed and thankful to have had this opportunity and experience. We left Winnipeg near the end of January and it feels like a very long time ago!  Over the next few weeks and months, it will be interesting to reflect on what we have all seen and done. Thank you to all who have prayed for us while we were away. Thank you to those who followed our blog and for your questions and comments.  I will write a few more updates over the next few weeks….bye!!


I love Winnipeg!

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada is my home and a wonderful place to live.  Our family has just been on a more then four month journey to some of the world’s most stunning cities – Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town and Sydney but there is still no place like home! I am proud to be a Canadian and a “Winnipegger”. I love my city, the people in it and I look forward to flying home tomorrow. This new video showcases our city well. Enjoy!


Josh’s face says it all! Josh and I have been training for the half-marathon at the Manitoba Marathon on June 16th in Winnipeg.  This will be our first ever! This is us today after Josh ran 11 miles and I ran 10. 


Four more days! (*and new photos under gallery #7)

We have loved this amazing adventure but are now so excited to go back home! We have four more nights here in Sydney and are then on our way back. I am so thankful for our awesome flight connections: a 14 hour flight from Sydney to Vancouver (Air Canada!) and then a short 2.5hr flight to Winnipeg. I will keep our blog going for awhile after we get back home as now we have many new friends following us from other parts of the world.

We have been enjoying more of this beautiful city.  We have have a ton of fun exploring together.  Check out our pictures to see what we have been up to.  For our friends and family in Winnipeg – see you very soon!