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South Africa & Dave knows where to eat in RIo.

We have arrived. 23.5 hrs door-to-door from our home in Rio to our home in Cape Town.  We are 8 hrs later then Winnipeg.  I’ll fill you in more later, but we are here safe and sound.  It is currently 130am here… the boys are all hopefully sleeping and the wind is crazy loud outside right now. I remember how these winds in Camps Bay can get – wow!

A new post by Dave on where to eat in Rio:

Finding great food experiences is one of the key elements to most people’s travel. Everyone has different tastes and varying levels of adventure in their palette, but more and more food can be a primary driver in destination decisions. Great food can go a long way to making a great holiday. I’m no different. I look forward to exploring the food culture of the places we go and I love seeking out favorite restaurants and making recommendations to our guests, friends and staff.
Rio de Janeiro has a vibrant and quickly growing restaurant scene. There is a lot of money here and where there is money, good restaurateurs follow. As of my travels to Rio to date, here’s my best of Rio favorites (alphabetically). To continue reading go to:

Posted by The Guenther's Big Adventure on March 2, 2013

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