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Sam has loved sushi for years.  His tastes have now evolved to not only loving basic types of sushi but loving the most different types possible.  He loves all types of raw fish and eel and is always on the lookout for places to eat fantastic sushi.  As we have been in two cities, Rio & Cape Town, that have delicious sushi, Sam has been enjoying his food so much!  Sam gives his thoughts:

The reason some people don’t like sushi is that the quality of the fish is not very good in the place they live. An example of a place like this is Winnipeg where I live.  The closest part of the ocean to Winnipeg is Hudson’s Bay which is not accessible by car and has a fish called “Arctic Char”, not a fish that can be used in sushi! The closest place to Winnipeg where you can find sushi grade fish is in Vancouver which takes over 24 hours to drive to.  Because of this, the fish is flown to Winnipeg so it can never be truly fresh unless it’s delivered in a fighter jet!

I like all sushi and listed here are some of the types I have had on our trip:

CALIFORNIA ROLL: Rice on the outside, then seaweed and then whatever you choose to have in it.

MAKI ROLL: Seaweed on the outside, then rice, then whatever you choose to have in it.

FASHION SANDWICH: Rice and then whatever you want squished in between the seaweed and rice.

GUKAN MAKI: This is where the seaweed is replaced with a hollowed out slice of cucumber.

NIGIRI: Rice with a peace of fish or prawn on it and a weird but good sweet egg thing which is sometimes tied together with a small piece of seaweed.

HAND ROLL: Rice and whatever you choose stuffed in an ice cream cone sized cone of seaweed.

SASHIMI: This is my favourite! Raw slices of tuna. This type of sushi should only be eaten if the fish quality is extremely high because low quality sashimi is grrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooossssssss.

SUSHI TOPPINGS: Ginger, wasabi, soya sauce.





Posted by The Guenther's Big Adventure on April 25, 2013

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