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Leaving Mauritius **new photos under Gallery #2**

We have had a wonderful week on this beautiful island with its unique heritage. It was discovered first by Portuguese sailors in 1506, then by the Dutch in the early 16th century and was colonized by the Dutch, the French and the British and became independent in 1968.The Mauritian Creole people are people of African and Malagasy origin who live in Mauritius. The Creole people today also include minorities of people that have both Africa and Malagasy origins with Indian, Chinese, French and/or British backgrounds. The flavour of the island is a mix of French and Indian – very unique.

We were first in Mauritius in 2011 and loved it so much we wanted to come back. On our original trip we enjoyed more exploring of the island.  As we have been having so many adventures for the past three months, we were quite content to be at the resort and enjoy the beauty of this place. We have made use of the many water sports and activities here and have had a really enjoyable week. In a little less then 24 hours, we will be on Air Mauritius on a 7.5 hr flight to Perth, Australia followed by a 4 hr flight on Qantas from Perth to Sydney. It is hard to imagine for us that our adventure continues! We have been travellng for three months now and we are looking forward to settling into life in Sydney for the next five weeks. We are adding six more hours onto our time change.  For those of you in Winnipeg, we will be 15 hours later in Australia.Image

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Posted by The Guenther's Big Adventure on April 26, 2013

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