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Young & Free …. by Dave


Music is the soundtrack of our lives. So it makes sense that a four and a half month journey around the world is going to have a pretty serious playlist! Of course, you probably know that our family has at least one member who is pretty serious about music. It’s true. Josh eats, sleeps and breathes music but the love of music in our family doesn’t stop there. The rest of us may not be as talented but we’re all big fans and you might be surprised to learn about some of our idiosyncrasies.

Lots of folks think that Matt and I have a lot in common but are they aware of his penchant for 80’s music? It’s gone beyond Journey, Rush, Jackson Brown and Saga and is headed in to deeper tracks. Today he bought some Bee Gees off of iTunes. I keep getting older but somehow the music is getting younger!

If you’re surprised by Matt, you’ll be floored by Sam……or as he’s become known to us: the notorious ‘Beaver G’. Sam is a rapper. I’m not sure how but he’s the most urban of all of us. We often find him in his room, headphones on, chilling to a thundering beat. Tedashi, LeCrae & Andy Mineo are his favourites. Coupled with his expanding love of raw fish, Sam is becoming an increasingly interesting character!

In general, our family has pretty eclectic taste….. Here’s our top ‘road’ songs to date from this trip:

Adrenaline – Love Like Gravity
Can’t Stop – Red Hot Chili Peppers
Somebody’s Baby – Jackson Browne (……I’m not sure this is in anybody’s top 10 but it seems to keep getting played!)
Impossible – Anberlin
Beautiful – Bread of Stone
North American Scum – LCD Soundsystem (“…..don’t blame the Canadians!”)
Magnificent – U2
Where Is The Love – Black Eyed Peas
Hillsong – Various  (……mostly from the new Zion album)
Daniel – Bat For Lashes


Maybe the most poignant and memorable music that we’ve been experiencing on this trip is what is on the cutting edge at Hillsong. The latest is an entirely new band called Young & Free. You probably haven’t heard of Young & Free yet as their first recording is not yet released (expect it later this Summer). The sounds are very fresh. This truly is, to use a biblical phrase, a new song (Ps. 40).

Young & Free comes out of the youth worship bands here in Sydney. Effectively this is the ‘farm team’ to the Hillsong United band but their songs are already having a profound effect on all of the Hillsong churches around the world. Surprisingly, the next generation seems poised to over take the last even as United’s music continues to make huge inroads (#1 Apple iTunes album on release, debut at #5 on Billboard Top 200).

The sounds from Young & Free move between slower ethereal and contemplative to a highly infectious dance pop (think Swedish House Mafia). This confluence of worship and dance music may not make sense at first description but I can testify to its effectiveness. In the past, given the right ‘magic’ in the music, I’ve had a strong case of the tingles (U2 – Elevation Tour 2001). With this ‘new song’/sound I’ve felt it again. It feels like God is doing something special and new; reclaiming an entire genre of music for his own.

I’m far from the only one. In Cape Town I watched 5000 plus (including seniors!) get enraptured by the dance; with hundreds of teenagers chanting for encores after the worship had finished. Here in Sydney, thousands stayed behind after the evening service to turn the area in front of the pulpit into a throbbing, pulsing, smiling mish-mash-mess of praise. Those who hear it, especially youth, just can’t get enough. Everyone who experiences it, and sees people’s reactions knows that this is something special.

Keep your ears peeled and get ready to add new speakers for your car this Summer. If Young & Free make it to a church (or arena!) near you, be sure to go experience the joy and elation in songs like ‘Alive’ and ‘Wake’. and


Posted by The Guenther's Big Adventure on May 9, 2013

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