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The adventure continues……

We are nearing the end of our long journey.  Leaving home at the end of January feels like a very long time ago.  It has been an incredible experience and we are so thankful. (**NEW PHOTOS** under Australia photo galleries).

Highlights this past week:

* Beautiful sunshine, weather and gorgeous views.

* Seeing the ocean every day.  I will certainly miss this from this trip! Running alongside or swimming in the ocean has become a regular thing for our family and we all love it! It has been so awesome to be so active outside in beautiful places.

*Experiencing fall (in May) in the Blue Mountains.  Gorgeous!

* Sydney Opera House

* Church at Hillsong (definitely a huge highlight!)

* College for Josh at Hillsong Leadership College – he has so many fantastic classes and lectures.  He has met people from all of the world and had great conversations.

* Scuba Diving for Matt & Sam (two dives). They are loving diving and are looking forward to being in the Great Barrier Reef next week.  We leave Sydney (about a 3 hour flight) on Monday and return Friday. 

* The koalas and kangaroos at the Featherdale Wildlife Park. 

We will keep you posted!


Posted by The Guenther's Big Adventure on May 16, 2013

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