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Four months together

Our family has now been together for just over four months. We have eaten almost every meal together, spent many hours in a vehicle or plane together and have done most things together.  In our regular life at home we love to be together but of course things like school, work and other activities also happen.  We all love each other and enjoy each other, but spending this much time together requires patience from all of us! We have had some hilarious and frustrating moments as we learn to deal with our “togetherness”.  Tonight was one of those nights…. we went out for supper to a great Japanese place and there was a large amount of loud and silly behaviour at the table.  We thought a good exercise would be for the boys to write about what they have been grateful for on this trip.  We loved what Sam wrote and he always makes us laugh.

By Sam:

I am thankful for……………….

* Scuba diving lessons because I get to be certified and explore the ocean and see lots of cool awesome things like sharks ray and that giant eagle ray. That is really fun!

* Mom. She lets me make fires and chop wood even though I sometimes chuck random things in there like parts of boxes, wet paper, used napkins, corn on the cob, paper towel, whole magazines, coffee cups and gross kleenex that shouldn’t be put in a fire and fill the house with smoke and that is not very enjoyable.

* Mom letting me ride my longboard down very steep hills at really high speeds even though it is quite unsafe and I have already injured myself.

* Food that is tasty because it is tasty.

* Dad because he is nice and squishy and I will “get him” and he takes me to places like Luna park and that is nice!

* Dad lets me pester him. It is nice!

* Going to so many places and experiencing so many things that many people probably will never see or do.

* The places we have stayed at during our trip and how nice they have been.

* The sound system in the Mitsubishi because it has so many speakers and a giant subwoofer which is awesomely low sounding and is really fun in a car. The subwoofer is also my arm rest because I sit in the back.

* Mom because she is nice and she does my laundry and I hate doing laundry so that is very nice.

My apology to Mom & Dad:

Sorry to Mom and Dad for not being on my best behavior at that Japanese place that starts with a “K”.  Love Sam (aka) beaver!






Posted by The Guenther's Big Adventure on May 28, 2013
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  1. 05/28/2013

    Sitting outside Camps Bay High waiting for Jordi – am so green with envy about your trip, I just love the pics and stories. Thank you for sharing Sam’s thoughts, sitting in my car laughing out loud! Xx


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