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Manitoba Marathon

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So, Josh and I ran our first half-marathons today!!! Well, Josh ran the half-marathon…. in an amazing time of 1:28.26!!! His goal was 1:28 and he was right on target. He place 9th out of 144 in his age category and 44th place out of a total of 4,462 participants in the half-marathon. Way to go Josh!!!! After 4.5 miles I sadly started having issues with my IT band (I had this issue about 8 days ago while training)…. I thought I maybe could push through it and kept running until about 6.30miles. (I was still happy with my 6 mile time of 56 minutes even with some walking in the last mile). I saw Dave, Matt & Sam cheering on the sidelines and thought it was a good time then to catch a ride with them back to the stadium. A hard choice but I don’t think my leg would have held out past 7 or 8 miles. I was very excited however to get to the stadium just in time to see Josh run in!!! I think next year I will plan for the 10k instead. A fun morning!! And well done to my sister Colleen on her 10K!!! You are awesome. I also loved seeing Kara, Leanne and Jenna on the sidelines waiting for their leg in the relay!


Posted by The Guenther's Big Adventure on June 16, 2013
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  1. 06/18/2013
    ma & pa

    would have loved to have been there. Sounds amazing and congratulations to Josh, Liesa and Colleen. One of our dreams, maybe next year, the relay, 10 k or the fun run. Need to start training.


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